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Vanguard download

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IMDb Rating 4.6 10 1745


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Dec 25, 2020 at 09:50 pm



Jackie Chan as Tang Huating
Yang Yang as Lei Zhenyu
Lun Ai as Zhang Kaixuan
Miya Muqi as Mi Ya
Ruohan Xu as Fareeda

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Movie Reviews

Simply bad.

Bad acting, bad action scenes, bad CGI, bad story... I could keep going on. There is so much wrong in this movie that I wish I haven't seen this. What's worse is that Jackie Chan is selling his soul to the China movie factory. It really hurts his amazing legacy. So many awesome HK movies and even some decent Hollywood movies. When judging a movie I rather want to keep politics aside but its very hilarious when all those new China movies try to sell how great China is. Like when they tell a story about an activist and portrait western people as wildlife hunters but don't say anything about a lot of Chinese people buying that stuff for "health" issues. 3 stars only because there is worse. China is so desperate to show the "pretty" Chinese people in their movies that acting becomes 2nd importance.

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Absurd action and bad acting

Most of the fighting scenes are just boring to watch and the actions in the movies are mostly absurd. The good guys never die and barely even get shot despite being outnumbered and under heavy fire. In many instances they could have killed the bad guys but somehow choose to just knock them out, and the bad guys soon come back chasing them again. The young female character playing the daughter cannot act! Her emotional scene with her dad seems so fake and the chemistry between her and the male lead is so forced it makes you want to stop watching the movie. And JC too many times trying to subtly show his praise to China, those moments just makes you cringe.

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Plain and bland action movie

The CGI sucks big time. Lion look so fake. Even the car drift scene also fake like fark. Seriously what kind of attire Jackie Chan wearing in Africa. Lol maximum fail.

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Sad to see his movie getting bad to worse.

Worst movie I've ever seen. I looked like it's made by some students with Microsoft Powerpoint. This earns an exclusive genre.

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