Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja


Comedy / Drama

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IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1745


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Jul 11, 2020 at 04:50 pm


Rio Raj as Shiva
R.J. Vignesh as Vicky
Radha Ravi as n/A

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Movie Reviews

Average Movie (one time wachable)

An important social message is taken as the primary line but the story revolves around too many illogical plots in which primary line is completely lost. Plot is not strong enough to engage the viewers for the length of the movie. At time it becomes really boring but there were some laughable comedy here and there. The music is not good enough except the climax song which kept the climax thriving strong. For just 5 minutes climax, we have tolerate a 2 hour long movie. I have given 7* just for the climax and the social message tried to convey. Appreciate the efforts from black-sheep team however unnecessary insertion of too many characters just for the name sake is too much tiring for viewers loosing the interest in the flow of the track. Having said all these, I was able to watch this movie once without getting asleep unlike Mr.Local (i slept 3 times). Appreciate S.K Productions for boldly giving opportunity for our beloved youtubers.

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No double meaning, Descent dressing, no Sexual Scenes, Good message

Very rare to see a movie like this, No double meaning, Descent dressing, no Sexual Scenes, Good message, good suspense till the end, may be it is one time watchable, worth watching!

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Nice movie which should be followed

The movie is a good for one time watch. The movie revolves around a social message. It lacks proper screenplay. Very less touch to the logic. Rio is good, he is very natural in some sequencea. Vignesh's comedy is fun at times. Serin is pretty. Very less ussage of good actors like Radha Ravi and Vivek Prasanna. Nanjil sampath as a corrupt politician and thug life meme's are amazing. Lot of messages told. Celebrity troll.

One time watch.

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Social Message - Untold

I watched this film with family. Ella actors um nalla act pannirukanga. Especially the local goon character played by Vivek Prasanna. This movie I felt sorry for the villain more than the hero. Padam parunga, nalla direction, spoilers ethovum mention panna virumbale.

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