Men in Black: International


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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IMDb Rating 5.6 10 1745


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Chris Hemsworth as Agent H
Tessa Thompson as Agent M
Rafe Spall as Agent C

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Movie Reviews

Entertaining but nothing more

It's a sci-fi/comedy? Nothing wrong with it. Love the leads, don"t get the low rating.

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Under 7 ridiculous.

I had heard the reviews. The plot is a little confusing at first but it resolves. Acting good. Hey, it's a B movie franchise. None of them are Shakespeare.

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Better than I expected

I don't understand why there are bad comments about this film. It was good.Chris was amazing actor and being funny suits him well.

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Bit familiar, but picks up in second half

Gets a lot of crap, it's not a bad movie at all the effects aren't as good as they should be but it's still a good movie not worth the bad reviews

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